Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path

Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path Review

You’re here, but you want to be there

So you spend your life narrowing this divide, and you call this your race, your journey, your path. You live your days tightening your boot straps, wiping the sweat from your brow, chasing undiscovered happiness just around the bend. Higher! Faster! Better! Stronger! 

And on and on you run. 

Viral sensation and star Erin Loechner knows about the chase. Before turning 30, she'd built a fan base of one million women worldwide and earned the title “The Nicest Girl Online” as she was praised for her authentic voice and effortless style. The New York Times applauded her, her friends and church admired her, and her husband and baby adored her. 

She had arrived at the ultimate destination.

So why did she feel so lost? 

In Chasing Slow, Erin turns away from fast and fame and frenzy. Follow along as she blazes the trail toward a new-fashioned lifestyle—one that will refresh your perspective, renew your priorities, and shift your focus to the journey that matters most. Through a series of steep climbs—her husband's brain tumor, bankruptcy, family loss, and public criticism—Erin learns just how much strength it takes to surrender it all, and to veer right into grace. 

Life's answers are not always hidden where they seem. It's time to venture off the beaten path to see that we’ve already been given everything we need. We've already arrived. 

You see?

You'll see.

Title:Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path

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  • LeAnn Locher

    I really wanted to like this book...I wish I had known there were going to be bible references and so much infusion of the writer's Christianity. Also, there was a large disconnect between the author'...

  • Olive

    Unpopular review alert. I hope her editor isn’t getting a raise anytime soon.Whoever let her keep the lion metaphor throughout the entire book should be fired. Not only are almost all of the referen...

  • Glenn Myers

    The title was irresistible and was happy to promote this book up my reading shelf. This was the first time I'd come across Erin Loechner who is evidently famous in lots of places for her interior desi...

  • Elise Cripe

    erin has been one of my favorite online writers for a very long time. it was a joy to get to read her memoir. it's not about asking for more or living with less, instead it's about taking things a day...

  • Jenny Kearl

    This is the first book that I have not finished in a long time. Life is too short to waste on bad books. I got fourteen chapters in. It is rated with 4.15 stars, so I kept expecting it to get better -...

  • Paula

    I listened to this on audio book. The narrator'a voice reminded me of an entitled, rich white girl from suburbia, but I decided to keep listening. When the content matched the voice, I stopped. The de...

  • Rachel Brown

    This book was such a disappointment. It was disjointed, confusing, condescending, and difficult to read. I do not recommend it....

  • Annie

    This book was very uneven. Some of the points were very insightful, but mostly I felt that this book meandered around and ended without any clear direction or message. It seemed like two different boo...

  • Emma Sea

    Loechner's writing is quite lovely, so it is a shame this was not my book. I am not one of Loechner's people:"We quit our jobs, start new careers, cut our hair, welcome babies, buy juicers, switch sch...

  • Abby

    I wanted to love this book, but it just didn't do it for me. Based on the other reviews, I appear to be in the minority in my opinion. I enjoy Erin Loechner's blog and this read very much like her blo...