Your Prosperity SuperPower

Your Prosperity SuperPower Review

Your Prosperity SuperPower! is a practical approach to shift your thinking to a prosperity mindset. Graehme Hall presents the teachings of the non-physical collective consciousness Hermaden and shares their loving wisdom to support the reader in a journey toward prosperous living, working in partnership with the universal law of attraction.

Many people have learned to think in ways which do not allow abundance to flow to them. Everything is energy, and the powerful law of attraction can only bring what is a match to the vibration you are offering. By shifting your thoughts to a higher frequency, and releasing patterns of resistance, you can allow your natural abundance. Thought precedes manifestation. You cannot be focused on lack or shortage, for instance, and welcome abundance.

By understanding our role in co-creating our lives, we can be intentional in working with that vibrational energy. We can become friends with success. By learning to use our innate powers of creation, we can become conscious creators — and allowers — of financial well-being.

Title:Your Prosperity SuperPower
Edition Language:English

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