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The Major Works Review

Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) was a Romantic poet of radical imaginings, living in an age of change. His tempestuous life and friendship with Byron, and his tragically early death, at times threatened to overwhelm his legacy as a poet, but today his standing as one of the foremost English authors is assured. This freshly edited collection - the fullest one-volume selection in English - includes all but one of the longer poems, from Queen Mab onwards, in their entirety. Only Laon and Cythna is excerpted, in a generous selection. As well as works such as Prometheus Unbound, The Mask of Anarchy, and Adonais, the volume includes a wide range of Shelley's shorter poems and much of his major prose, including A Defence of Poetry and almost all of A Philosophical View of Reform. Shelley emerges from these pages as a passionate and eloquent opponent of tyranny and a champion of human possibility.

Title:The Major Works
Edition Language:English

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  • David Sarkies

    The Writings of Percy Shelley22 April 2013 Okay, this is more a collection of his works compiled by somebody else, and many of these works did not actually see the light of day until long after Shelle...

  • Jamie

    Possibly my favorite poet ever ???? Idk...

  • Matthew Bellamy

    Shelley often gets overlooked because of his more famous social set, but the man who is immortalized as a drowned sailor at Oxford wrote in my opinion the most technically rich and innovative poetry o...

  • David

    I gave this a three-star rating because this edition does not give a good understanding of Shelley's publishing history. While it does include all of the 'major works', it is not the best edition I wo...